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How to break through the problem of crushing fiber-based Chinese medicine from the perspective of equipment?

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The pulverizing equipment is a powerful assistant for the pulverization of traditional Chinese medicine. It can pulverize Chinese medicinal materials by means of air separation, heavy pressure grinding and shearing. However, because Chinese medicinal materials are mostly plants, and the variety is large, the nature of the medicinal materials is extremely complicated. When using pulverizing equipment to work on medicinal materials, some medicinal materials are often unable to feel the mechanical force due to the light weight of the fiber. . Therefore, some users said: "It doesn't work like this. Every time you feel it, you feel like you are using a hammer to lick cotton..."

In fact, the smashing of fiber-based Chinese medicine not only plagued users, but also made it difficult for pharmaceutical equipment companies. So, how to solve the problem of pulverization of fiber-based Chinese medicine? It is reported that one of the fibrous Chinese medicinal materials is relatively easy to smash, and one type needs to have the effect of grinding and shearing. For the former, the fiber length is not large, and the flexibility is not strong. Experts say that the ordinary high-speed pulverizing machine plays a good pulverizing action, for example, a gas flow type ultrafine pulverizer or a wind-selecting Chinese medicine pulverizer can be used.

For fibrous Chinese herbal medicines that are difficult to pulverize, such as ganoderma lucidum and antelope horns, it is necessary to use ultrafine pulverizing equipment with strong grinding shear strength. However, some manufacturers said that for such crushing equipment, if the grinding shear strength is not enough, only some of the fibers can be cut, and the actual powdering effect will be different from the imagination. Therefore, lack of stress is an important reason for this type of equipment.

In order to effectively pulverize Chinese herbal medicines with strong fiber, many pharmaceutical equipment companies have started research and development. Some enterprises have developed broken-wall ultrafine grinding equipment; some enterprises have developed a new type of heavy-pressure grinding type ultrafine grinding machine; some enterprises have introduced advanced foreign production technology for the purpose of better absorption of medicines for patients. The intelligent concept puts the equipment with high quality crushing performance into the market.

In addition to the comminution of fibrous Chinese medicine, there is a problem of high-sugar, high-oil Chinese medicine crushing waiting for pharmaceutical equipment companies to solve. Despite the many problems, what remains unchanged is that pharmaceutical equipment companies need to combine the characteristics of Chinese herbal medicines to explore the problem of crushing. In addition, companies need to integrate pharmaceutical processes, because the pharmaceutical equipment born under these conditions is more in line with the nature of the drug, in order to retain the efficacy as much as possible.

However, in order to preserve the efficacy of Chinese herbal medicines, simple equipment can not be done, and users need to pay attention to the actual operation. Some manufacturers have summarized the following suggestions based on the production experience of the company for many years, the equipment operation problems of user feedback, and some practical problems solved:

First, the temperature of Chinese herbal medicines. Most Chinese herbal medicines have active ingredients. In the pulverization process, there is a high requirement for the temperature of the medicinal materials. If the operator blindly pursues the impact of high speed, it will cause the medicinal material to suffer from the high temperature, which will result in the failure of the medicinal material. Therefore, for the temperature tolerance of Chinese herbal medicines, the operator should grasp the degree of goodness.

Second, the bottom line of fineness. The cell diameter of Chinese medicinal materials is usually between 10 and 50 microns, and some of the medicinal materials reach 70 microns. Therefore, when the medicinal material is pulverized to two or three hundred objects, only some of the cells begin to break. However, in order to improve the efficacy, it is appropriate to set the fineness bottom line to about 500 mesh.

Third, the smash effect. In order to pursue the pulverization effect of the medicinal materials, the operator will repeatedly pulverize, which in fact imposes a burden on the ultrafine pulverizing equipment. Although some crushing equipment can not meet the needs of operators, but in the long run, it will not only shorten the service life of the equipment, but also counteract the crushing of the medicine. Therefore, in order to produce efficiency and cost, it is possible to operate with a superfine pulverizing device required for the composite.

Pharmaceutical equipment companies have been looking for new methods for the comminution of fiber-based Chinese medicines. At present, some enterprises have produced innovative ultra-fine pulverizing equipment, heavy metal-free pulverizing equipment, and freezing pulverizing equipment through research and development. These equipments can ensure that the efficacy is not lost as much as possible on the basis of smashing. However, there are many kinds of Chinese herbal medicines in our country. In order to achieve the crushing of all Chinese herbal medicines, there is still a long way to go before crushing equipment.